142 – Foundations Take Years

It can take decades of learning and preparation for some things to take off. Don’t limit yourself with artificial time tables. You never know how long something may take.

If you can’t continue indefinitely, don’t begin. If you start something, but later decide it’s not worth it, then you have a serious problem with making decisions; you need no less than one week for reflection and at least five new rules to live by. Think about what you do before you get involved. A lengthy negotiation involves someone who doesn’t know what he wants. Whatever you are willing to compromise after twenty hours should be left at the door. It’s better to hold a visioning session with a life coach and hash out your mission with a negotiator who has no vested interest in your future.

Someone who tries to change your mind thinks you don’t know what you want. But, if you know what you want then manipulation tactics won’t affect you. If you know your mission, manipulative leaders will accuse you of rebellion; actually they’re just angry that they can’t assign your mission to you. Don’t be that kind of manipulative leader. True leadership helps others discover what they want and run for it.

There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going. Of course some things can be done more quickly, but that discussion returns to the matter of having your mind made up in the first place. We’re all wrong at times; capitalize on those times by reflecting on what will make you a better decision-maker in the future. Once you know your destination, you can choose the right path and keep going down it and reach destinations that most people are locked out of merely by their lack of attention span.

Commitment and wise decisions go hand in hand. You’ll never find out if you’ve gone down the wrong road if you never go down any road very far. Unless it’s clearly dangerous, press on just for the sake of finishing what you start. See things only seen with time. Then, you’ll choose your roads more wisely in the future and you’ll arrive to enjoy what awaits you at their end.