171 – Professional Naysayers

Naysaying is normal and expected at times, but never as a profession. Quickly identify the professional naysayer. Call him out on it just as quickly.

Give him no room, no concession. Do not negotiate. Do not concede. If he’s right then he’s right about a 100% different topic than he professionally says, “Nay,” about.

They professional naysayer will impress unwitting victims who will give him their votes, their friendship, their trust, their patronage, and their money. When you call out the professional naysayer, you protect the many would-be victims.

He sits in his office in comfort and luxury. He hears word of a disgruntled employee who was there since the founding. Should he heed? Nay! He makes more money than the old employee, so he obviously knows more.

He receives a suggestion for a new business strategy. Should he consider it? Nay! Someone already did that. He lists one hundred and one companies who did something similar, but not quite the same. But, he doesn’t know that the new strategy is indeed new because saying, “Nay,” is his profession.

The loyalists complain and the founders have all left. Should he be concerned? Nay! Their time is past. Fans and customers, business and audiences, sales and purchases—those things are fixed and guaranteed. His organization is too big to fail. No one can make it fail and no one can stop it when the time for failure comes. So, forget the loyalists and the fan base, they couldn’t make a difference anyhow.

His competition sets out on a plan that could prove him wrong and open a new way of business altogether. Should he reinvent? There’s only one thing to do with the competition: Say, “Nay! Nay! Nay!” Say, “Nay,” on television. Print, “Nay,” in the newspaper and vote on a non-binding resolution. The only reason the competition would succeed is if the masses believed the competition could. So, dissuade the competition’s loyalists and fans—no one is anything without fans after all. Advise the competition how to defeat you the “real way”.

If you say it will fail enough, then it must. If you can “nay” everything into failing, you’re sure to stay on top.

Matthew 19:26, Ephesians 3:20-21 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11