185 – Purchase Is not Praise

Patronage is not a spectator sport. Don’t fall into the passive-consumer worldview, which presumes that being the customer of a business or the patron of an artist is a kind of “endorsement”. Your money and your bills are not notoriety, they are empowerment. There is a difference. If you struggle at all with confusing endorsement and empowerment, then money in your life will always hold a glass ceiling above your head.

Jesus taught us to exploit “wicked wealth” for the good purposes of Eternity. Buying products from a company owned by wicked men is no endorsement of what those wicked men do nor does it say that you “believe in” what they stand for. Buying a product is only buying a product. What wicked men intend for evil, you can commandeer for the good of God’s kingdom.

The plans of the all powerful God Most High are not thwarted because He appropriated the quality tools that some devil volunteered to create at no cost. Sure, demons do evil things with evil intentions, occasionally performing quality craftsmanship along the way. But, if God interrupts their work after they complete their craft, but before their evil is consummated, then evil squandered itself and God had the final word.

So, purchase your needed supplies from whatever supplier supplies you best. Go and spread the goodness of those products, multiplying their effectiveness with your own creativity and insight. Eat the worm off the hook, the cheese off of the mouse trap, and re-set it to snag the fisherman and the mouse trapper. Buy stock in unethical companies in hopes that millions of fair and honest people will do the same, eventually taking a controlling interest and converting that company from good to bad, rendering all the efforts of evil an absolute backfiring waste.

See yourself as the solution, not the self-important spectator sprinkling little rewards of money with your power game onto the players you deem best deserving of endorsement. That is not the way to make a difference.

Patronage is neither agreement nor dissent, blessing nor curse. March right down your enemy’s road, not because you bless the road, but in order to take over his wicked kingdom.

Luke 16:1-9