215 – Speak the Truth in Your Heart

Acknowledging the truth can be one of the most difficult things a person can do. We gladly admit what truths we have already admitted. But, one seeing that oneself was wrong has high stakes! We may have stock to sell—or buy. By being wrong, we may need to carry the mental weight of knowing that our own choices caused the loss of thousands, millions, or billions of dollars—dollars which we happen to need right now.

When people live a long life in denial, but then are confronted with the ugly, hideous, enormous truth that grew huge by feeding on neglect, they can meltdown, physically collapsing to the floor, crushed by the mental weight of so much truth that they kept avoiding.

Denial is no way to live. The sooner you confront a truth, the sooner it won’t be able to sweep away your mental capacity to understand it. Don’t let truth swell like a tsunami against you. Speak the truth in your heart quickly, the moment you can find it. Not facing pressure from unadmitted truth, you will stand through storms said to be impossible.

God searches throughout Earth, looking for anyone who accepts the truth. He considers people who are honest with themselves as treasure worth hunting for.

No one can face a challenge without accurate information. Accuracy about our situations is vital. God does not want us to fail in misery. In order to thrive, we need truth. Victory itself will stop anyone who rejects reality. Accordingly, God will not allow you to even begin down any path leading to the greater rewards until you accept whatever truths have every presented themselves to you. God wants you to go down those paths. The question is whether you are willing to scrutinize your own ideas enough to see and maintain awareness about your surroundings as they actually are.

Truth brings light and hope. Truth sets us free. Truth includes that God forgives and redeems and has the highest of hopes for everyone’s future. The price of truth means recognizing one’s own laundry list. But, the price is worth its cost. Anyone addicted to truth can tell you what doors truth can unlock.