216 – Deliverance and Providence by Standing Your Ground

Sometimes, not always, God delivers and directs His providence by means of us standing for what is right. As king, David constantly fought off Israel’s enemies—who were trying to reinstitute Satanic human sacrifices. Jeremiah told the king that Jerusalem would fall, but was rescued from the pit and spared by Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel wouldn’t stop praying—if he had the lions would have eaten him for sure! Stephen spoke the truth, even while he was being stoned, and Jesus greeted him in an open vision during his martyrdom.

God commanded Israel to keep three festivals each year. Business owners were required by law to close up shop, prepare a feast, and enjoy themselves. During a feast, it was custom for the wealthy to throw gold and silver coins from their upper story windows, down into the streets where passers-by would collect them as gifts. If the people did not hold to the moral-legal code of Israel’s Theocracy, they wouldn’t be in the streets to receive money showered down upon them. Not everyone had to catch coins to benefit. The poor would, in turn, give patronage to smaller merchants, stimulating the whole economy. It was small, but was compassionate and it helped.

Standing your ground may mean martyrdom, but God’s reward in the afterlife smiles on those who answer His call to die for what is right, just as He smiles on those who answer His call to live for what is right—given to so many more, paid for by the martyrs before.

In combat strategy, your team may need to hold the building until help arrives. In those circumstances, your team is just as much help awaiting as the help that arrives. You have supplies and advantage that your fellow soldiers rely on. If you surrender your ground before your allies arrive, it could cost the victory.

God has already directed His created universe through the divine providence of pathways and currents. Then, His moral code instructs us where to stay and go. This eludes all of us, though less as we grow in wisdom. Moral bearings will direct us to the right place at the right time to receive our needs; be there.

Exodus 12:14; 23:14-17, Jeremiah 32:26-28; 39:11-14, Malachi 3:10