220 – Deliverance and Power in Meekness and Weakness

The human heart must be in touch with God’s sovereign supremacy. He has all power and He is the highest authority. We can easily agree to this as an abstract concept, but this truth must settle deep into our experiential understanding.

If your heart does not believe that God is sovereign then you will not behave as if He is your most powerful help; by definition, such behavior is “ungodly”.

Our souls require us to have such experiences where we perform our due diligence, where we study and prepare as much as we ought expect ourselves to, yet the task remains too great for us to accomplish on our own. In these circumstances, when our strength is not enough, when we maintain our “godly” perspective that God Most High is alone Most High, then He will use the strangest and smallest of methods to overcome the impossible. Only God can orchestrate these circumstances, which is part of Him being supreme.

If we could initiate or invent circumstances where God is the greatest then either we do not deserve credit for those circumstances or God is not supreme in them. God must be the greatest in our lives, only on God’s terms, only in God’s time, only in God’s way.

When God called Gideon, the least of his family, the least of his tribe, He addressed Gideon as “mighty warrior”. Israel’s problem was idol worship, specifically idols that used human sacrifices. They had trusted in false gods and were literally killing each other in worship of those idols. The Midianites invaded. Human sacrifices and Satan worship did not deliver them from evil. But, Israel’s true enemy was their own behavioral theology.

They knew about Moses’s Law, but their behavior proved that they did not believe God was their sovereign deliverer. So, God wanted Gideon’s army to be small so they would once again behaviorally believe God is Almighty.

The small, seemingly weak things are vital to God’s victory via our lives. God achieves victory through things that seem counterintuitive—things we never would even consider might work out. Satan and his worshipers always want the biggest and greatest, never suspecting the tools the Almighty will use.

Judges 7, Psalm 127:1, Zechariah 4:6, Matthew 5:5, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Philipians 4:13