221 – Constant Prayer

Prayer is meant to have a constant presence with every human. Your body is the wick, prayer is the flame, and the oil comes from good, daily deeds, Bible study, and responsible choices. The flame may grow more and less intense, but it should never go our. Your spirit should be in a constant state of prayer—even while you sleep if possible. Even in your dreams, you should maintain an awareness that God is near with His love as you love Him back.

When prayer is a constant thing, it will form a kind of “cloud” around you. Circumstances that would normally harm others won’t harm you. Doors will open up which everyone else thought to be impenetrable walls. The quiet “nudging” from the Lord will hint at which roads you should take, often times avoiding disaster or delay that you may learn you avoided. You may even have small thoughts leading to your own discover of home cures for small illnesses, if for no other reason than for God to verify that you hear Him somewhat accurately. This “cloud” doesn’t make you ignorant of the world, it allows you to go everywhere in the world without the normal harms.

A life of prayer will also lead you into higher waters and deeper hardships, but it will be with you through it as you grow to understand the hardship of others—hardship one half of society might never understand about the other half. But, you will understand that hardship because your prayer cloud led you into the hardship that taught you.

Many governments across the world have unfair laws that cannot even be obeyed by their own people. These governments feel sad for not being able to govern effectively. Even mid-ranking Nazis often turned a blind eye to Jews and American soldiers. Remember America’s underground railroad. Prayer will also navigate you through those times, without fear, without giving up on all legal compliance, and without facing trouble.

Learning to navigate from inside your cloud of prayer is a skill. You make mistakes, but keep going and learn how the trust, work, and His direction all work in concert. Constant prayer supplies wings to soar.