268 – Leading in Family

It’s all been said, the books have been written. Do not father children or even begin romance until you are ready to lead family.

Think of the outcome. Life is not about sensation and personal pleasure. Life is about where things lead as much as it is the journey along the way. Only a fool enjoys a beautiful road to death.

If you want a happy friendship, family, business, team—think of where it will lead and if you are ready for the destination. And, always read up on all of the same topics others before you have experienced. Never think you know the road simply because you are traveling on it for the first time. Look before you leap.

College students are the third-most arrogant people in the world, teenagers the second-most, young parents the most arrogant of all. No one understands parenting until grandparenthood.

Young parents are the Second Lieutenants of family, they have just enough responsibility to give them just enough hardship to give them just enough arrogance to think they actually know what they are doing. Where should we think teenagers get it from?

The true test of a leader is not in what follows, but who follows. Leadership 101: To condemn one’s pupils is to condemn oneself.

Maybe the kids need to learn in their rooms. Maybe the married couple needs to read a book by Dr. John Gray. Maybe the new employee needs to listen to Tony Robins or spend some time reading about Joseph’s, David’s, Daniel’s, and Esther’s problems with bureaucracy. No matter where you find yourself leading, always ask yourself: Who’s actually older and who just wants to be?

When kids complain about having to bite closer to the apple core or clean their rooms—when a married couple fights—hen employees of less than five years, still in their 20’s, are fed up with stupidity in management—calmly and quickly brush it off and reassure them at the same time with these words: “Everyone feels that. I did. It’s normal. It makes you not special, with this anyway. But, you still have great contribution to offer.”

Then, end all discussion because it’s time to get to work.