282 – Shine Confidence, No Matter the Complaint

Don’t fear people who tell you that you are too confident. Don’t despise people merely for being self-confident. Look to truth. Look to learn. Don’t worry about pride, whether to keep it or lose it. Focus only on the task before you, whether to work or learn. Finish.

If you are right, if you have the answer for the moment, it helps no one to claim otherwise. Humility and being wrong have this in common: Once you know you are, you aren’t. As for humility, don’t give it one more care. As for being wrong, seek to discover when you are as often as possible. Only the arrogant even care about humility. Only a fool seeks to “be right” according to the records.

Learn where you are wrong, bless anyone who can teach you, grow into the truth everywhere you can, and march forward without looking back, left, or right. Your value and good nature is not defined by how you match-up to those next to you. You’re in a competition against no one but yourself. In Earthly terms, you are your greatest enemy and your greatest ally.

Keep learning, but don’t doubt your instincts. When you are proven wrong, call a time-out and re-evaluate to the true, deep, underlying cause. Then, get back in the game.

Welcome jeers from spectators. It’s better to try and offend than to stay on the bench. This is called “growth”.

Champions improve with time. It’s no crime to be young. Don’t indite others for their age and don’t let others indite you for yours either. Everyone’s best days remain in front of them. When you confidently walk into the better and better future, someone will object. The best thing you can do is ignore it and keep walking.

Arguing won’t help dissenters. Rather, shine and show them that the road continues. By your light of hope, they are likely to mind less about other people’s manners and get going on their own journeys. Often times, we object to what we learn while we learn it; don’t “interpret” that when people do it to you. Don’t argue with complaining bystanders, whether teaching or complaining. Just mind your own path.