283 – Evil Feeds on Fear of Evil

Acting like problems aren’t problems can make problems disappear for a reason: Evil feeds on the fear thereof.

There are demons that actually eat the emotion of fear. It makes them stronger. The main thing they do is make people afraid. Imagine it working in a circle.

When a demon or spirit of fear makes you afraid, then eats your emotion of fear and grows larger, it won’t hurt you. It needs you to remain healthy so that it can make you more afraid. Like a parasite, it latches on to you—sometimes resting like a growing red snake, other times perching with talons of a bird—and does whatever it takes to keep you producing an endless supply of its food: fear. If it injures you too much, then you won’t be afraid anymore. So, as it grows, it uses its new strength to either whisper fears into your heart or to provoke others to say and do things, then whisper into your heart that you should be afraid of them.

It’s a parasitic relationship. The last thing it wants to do is make your fears come true, only to make you afraid that they will.

The best way out of the vicious cycle of fear is to just ignore it. Recognize self-justifying fear for the cyclical, codependent parasite it is. Identify the specific fears. Notice carefully when you ignore one fear and another crops up as if on cue—because you are up against an invisible sentience. Whatever good thing you are most fearful of, trust that God will forgive you if you are wrong and go do the right thing, no matter how much emotion drive you away from it.

If you never feel fear at all, then you might not be doing anything valuable in your life. Good things disrupt demons and an easy response is to send a cyclical demon of fear to weigh down good people. If demons of fear haven’t haunted you then you probably haven’t done anything good enough to disturb them.

Don’t do whatever you fear just to break out of fear—keep doing what is good and fear will flee as fast as it came.