291 – Pushover Popularity

Of the many styles and manners, the “pushover” style is the only style everyone will accept. If you want everyone to love you, just be a pushover who can’t get one single thing accomplished in the world. But, if you plan to do anything, like mow the lawn or perhaps something less controversial, you’re going to be accused by someone of being “mean” sounding and cold-hearted.

The more good things you do and the fewer excuses you accept from yourself, the more “verbally abusive” you will seem to those who make excuses for themselves. Not being a pushover is a cardinal sin to those who

Natural human tendency prefers things that are easy to push around. “Go-getters”, who make things happen, have taught themselves over time thet people aren’t things, so we shouldn’t want to push people around. If a person is easy to push around, that person won’t get things done. Learning this is the only way “go-getters” went and got anything done because big things only get done with the help of many “go-getters” going and getting together.

Good friends aren’t easily pushed over; good friends push back. Those who learn to like “pushback” teach themselves again every day to avoid “yesmen”—even loath them. But, left to our inborn autopilot, everyone prefers the pushovers.

You can’t make everyone happy. If you break any ground, you’re going to kick up dust and someone is going to sneeze. “Go-getters” break ground and kick up dust to achieve their good goals that help humanity. Don’t surrender your good goals to the attacks from convincing pushovers, who get under your skin, who won’t accept anything less than you accomplishing absolutely nothing good.

Of course, they will claim to want “good things” accomplished, but they never make a difference below the vernier and they miraculously find a way to complain about petty non-issues whenever someone does. They won’t admit to themselves that they are pushovers who want everyone else to be a pushover as well, so they certainly won’t admit as much to you.

If you won’t be pushed over then your work won’t be pushed over, but will continue to help humanity for years to come.