292 – Problem of Patience

Being patient includes being misunderstood by otherwise and seemingly good people. They won’t know why you won’t jump to take action, so friends whom you thought to be the “most wonderful in the world” will jump to curse at you because they lack patience themselves.

The forgotten virtue of patience is one reason why so many people question God’s goodness, merely for not having eradicated evil. God is eradicating evil through us, being patient with us as we make up our own minds to stop giving into evil—including evil’s way of impatience.

The way of patience opens doors that open no other way. Some doors are only locked by a “slow hinge”—a hinge that turns so sluggishly that most people think the door is sealed shut. Keep pushing, ever so slightly, and the door locked by patience will open up.

The call to be patient applies especially when we don’t feel like it. God is infinitely more patient with us than we could ever be with anyone else. But, if you can be patient with God being patient with you then you can be patient with anyone.

Don’t be impatient about other people’s lack of progress; that’s their problem. Don’t care more about a student’s education than the student cares himself. Don’t get yourself worked up over whatever evil scheme evil Men have planned.

Those who are impatient are their own worst enemies. They don’t need any punitive intervention from you. Just patiently keep watch as God lets them mess themselves up, impatiently of course.

For the foolish who refuse to wise up, remember that they won’t affect your work. Impatient folly can’t harm the task God has for the patient and wise. If they manage to mess up some of your plans then those plans weren’t from God.

If someone makes you late, God is already orchestrating other events so that it won’t matter in the end. Keep your pace, but don’t become impatient.

Having patience is much like having inertia or momentum. Little flies won’t set you off course. Stability comes with patience and is well worth it. Yet, learning patience takes patience, which is always a problem. Just be patient.