297 – You Have Both More and Less Time Than You Think

Whether due to sin or some good design that God intended, our human gauge for “concept of time” usually registers both too much and too little.

When we don’t have a good work ethic, we tend to think we have much more time to be lazy and lax than we actually do. A good work ethic carries a healthy sense of urgency. But on the flip, when we work with that healthy sense of urgency, worrisome events can trigger false flags, making us think that things are even more urgent than they actually are. Busy people becoming worried results from a compound of two perceptions of urgency—the healthy sense of urgency of a good work ethic and the feeling of external pressure from our surroundings.

As you work and bustle to get out the door on time, something may slow you down. The sink may clog, the baby may vomit, the car might not start, the kids may start whining, or your personal gadgets might decide to suddenly stop functioning. But, then you arrive to find those you were meeting were also delayed, and it couldn’t have been timed better.

Frustration with things beyond our control indicate we are somehow “frantic”. Never make excuses for yourself to be frustrated over things you can’t control. You will be so frustrated, just never excuse it. God brought those circumstances to help you calibrate your own heart.

When we are thinking about time, we actually have more time than we think. When we aren’t thinking about time, we actually have less time than we think because we aren’t thinking.

As you work diligently, do not allow tragedies or global shifts or even local catastrophe to trigger that fearful sense of panic. This only applies when you are already working with a healthy sense of urgency. As you work to get things done, but then war breaks out or war is rumored to break out soon, remember that God is still in control. Keep plugging away, keep your Sabbath within God’s schedule for you, keep time to pray. Even an “unjust” traffic light might be a gift from the angels for a needed moment of some extra prayer.