298 – You Can Handle More and Less Than You Think

Due to both sin and God’s good design, we are in constant need of recalibrating our sense of our own strength.

Our ability to think is marred by sin, yet we continue to grow. Like children growing up, every day our bodies are bigger than they were the day before. Like mature adults, our bodies don’t always do what they were able to do before. As we grow and mature in our hearts and minds, our strengths and weaknesses also change every day. Know your new strengths and limits each new day and you will achieve things in life that no one thought possible, even with supernatural miracles.

Most of the time, we aren’t concerned enough about the right things and worry too much about things that aren’t a problem. Even when your heart gets its priorities in line—and you are more concerned about charity and looking for anyone and everyone ignored by society’s systems—little, tiny problems crop up that make us worry and we still tend to neglect things that matter. Take sleep for example, exercise, or the simple need to stretch our muscles. Reading Bible daily is minimum if you want a life that’s not a complete waste—any amount will do. When we neglect the little things that keep us healthy, it becomes easy to worry about scary monsters that can’t bite.

Even if a tsunami is headed right for you, the safest place to be is wherever God wants you. Maybe by standing at a certain place in the street, the water will pick you up, keep you afloat, and no debris will hit you. But, if you run to a building several floors above the water, the tsunami could collapse the whole building. What we think is safe might not necessarily be safe because we never see everything.

Only God sees everything. He knows where you are safe and where you are in danger. He knows your strengths and weaknesses on a level that you never can. With God at your back, you can walk through anything. So, when it comes time to walk your road, always get God’s opinion about what matters in the situation for today.