305 – Know Crazy, Don’t Go Crazy

Personality types help us identify common canvases and primary colors that God uses to make every person beautifully unlike every other. Personality profiles only feel like cramped boxes to those whose worldview crams life into boxes. Everyone is unique, but crazy is always the same.

One common warning is the addiction to chaos; another is refusal to accept personal responsibility to fix the problem—or that there is any problem at all.

Only so much peaceful, “content” time passes before mental-certifiables need their “chaos” fix, imagining or inventing problems where none exist, thus the need kicks in to control, run, blame, suspect, nanny, provide, entertain, deliver, protect, retaliate, receive, lecture, or whatever unneeded “neediness” disrupts normal relationships. Not even to save their own lives, careers, reputations, families, or loved ones can they accept or adapt to any situation. It isn’t their problem, you see?

Blame shifting is the early onset. If nothing is one’s own fault, nothing can be done to help, but God doesn’t create anyone permanently helpless. We all act crazy once in a while, but it becomes a certifiable dysfunction when the problem becomes permanent. A lie sets in, we start to “go crazy”, and we refuse to admit that our own worldview is slowly turning us into a monster. It grows until we either take the first and most important step—to admit the problem—or else end up in a mental institution or the care of a licensed case worker.

Reading about mental disorders can be a good way to look in the mirror. Crazy is very unoriginal, never changing, even from one person to another. Learn to recognize crazy before it overwhelms and matures into something unspeakable. Anyone can learn from a layman’s guide.

Just a little familiarity can help keep your own sanity and recognize what sets off the crazy in others so you might avoid poking the sleeping bear. The best way to help anyone going crazy is to refuse to participate, take personal responsibility, require the same, and don’t enable by agreeing with the lies that make crazy crazy. Crazy is easy to spot because, while God makes us each unique, crazy makes everyone the same.