306 – Stages of Results on Your Path

The middle-income and upper-middle class traps only get people who are more anxious for the results of their work than for the sustainability necessary for their work to last.

The same story repeats too many times. A young family has a dream, they take out a mortgage too big to build a house too big with a lawn too big to keep and too many rooms to keep clean on a plot of land too far from work. Then, between the longer commute and long-term debt, they have time for neither family nor profitable hobbies. By the time they retire, the kids grew up without the parents being there to see it.

A little patience would have told the family to build a home big enough, but close to work and easy to maintain. Even when our wallets can afford larger, our schedules often cannot. Waiting for results while homing in on strength in the beginning leaves time for family and those other projects that improve the future.

You can’t short-cut results; no one can, though everyone tries. Work toward your goals, but don’t try to get the harvest earlier than seasons and hard work allow. Companies, organizations, families, governments, and nations implode because they over-build their infrastructure. They pay dearly to build tomorrow’s dream today. The mansion comes later, though everyone wants it first. Large highways come after a thriving economy, not before.

Results come a certain, specific way. Each path is different, having its own obstacles, beauties, hazards, and rewards at their end. But, no path has the end before the end. Even if we could rewrite the sequence of events along any path, that would make the path no easier to accept. Life’s Creator made Life to happen in a sequence and we must welcome and accept that sequence in order to enjoy any path to its fullest.

Life won’t be outsmarted nor circumvented—Life won’t allow it!

The only way to know if one is on the right path is by what occurs at steps along the way. Some things happen sooner for different people following different paths correctly. Celebrate the right results at the right stages of your own path.