307 – Wealth & Society

No one’s pockets are infinitely deep except God’s. Any country, government, business, or family, no matter how wealthy, will lose its money if it spends more than the prosperity it generates. Two main groups of people have difficulty understanding this: those who make a living from public funding and those who spend more money than the prosperity they generate.

The only way to understand that money’s supply must be generated, not bestowed or merely redirected, requires that one generate prosperity in one’s personal life. This could include an innovative or “sales” job or being a strategy decision maker for a business. One way or another, we only understand the laws that govern life—including that money must be generated from somewhere—if we know how to harness those laws for the better.

Humans have the ability to create springs of prosperity, fountains of funding that spill out to all people. Society needs that prosperity to be generated—humanity as a whole depends on individual humans living up to their potential, including to generate more than we take.

It always seems insignificant, nickeling and diming away money. Any animal, no matter how large, can be eaten one bite at a time, like ants on a dead rat. Even the most wealthy people and institutions can never be exempted from the potential to be eaten. Foolish is the one who eats himself, even if he does so one bite at a time.

Sharing, charity, and compassion are good, but sharing beyond what one has is suicide, not only for oneself, but for future sharing. Even giving must be done responsibly. If you give all your money away, then you can’t give away your money anymore. The other harm is becoming the “public funding”, dolling out the rewards that normally one must learn to earn by figuring out a way to be personally prosperous.

Children and family should always be welcome in the house, but this should be an invitation to use the family estate to learn how to generate. We are entitled to our family and country, not prosperity. No one is entitled to prosperity, which must be earned through stewardship. Overlook this and it’s game over.