308 – Law of Sowing and Reaping

There is a metaphysical reason why seeds grow. Even before seeds and plants in our natural universe, there existed in the spiritual plane, and even the plane of the soul, the principle of sowing and consequence—seeding ideas and events. Seeds grow according to their kind because this follows a law that already existed in Heaven before Earth was ever made.

Part of “proper seeding” includes a stage of semi-death. Seeds “die” in a sense before they can grow. If they are planted before “dying” and drying, then the may rot. But, a seed can be cooked or ruined with poison to a point where it has a “second death” from which it can never recover. A seed that has died its “second death” won’t grow, neither will a seed that has not died it’s “first death”.

Ideas can be “seeded”. We often wait to gain our desire to pursue, learn, or get involved with a thing until after we feel as though we have “missed out”. While many things we might be able to enjoy if we maintain an early work ethic and don’t take opportunity for granted, some things we will never want to pursue until the seed dies its “first death”, making us want to spring up from the ground in pursuit of restoring what came before.

This is all part of the Law of Sowing and Reaping, which existed in Heaven before it governed the chaos of farming in the earth.

Whatever is properly killed and put into the ground will grow back in kind, multiplied from what it was before—it’s the Law. This is why persecuting Christians causes Christianity to spread—not by elementary arithmetic, but in powers of ten. Many governments have faced this dilemma of trying to stamp out Christianity, but only failed because true Christianity—without walls or bureaucracies—is the embodiment of the Creator of nature’s chaotic order.

The Law of Sowing and reaping causes luck, both good and bad, wealth, poverty, joy, sorrow, opportunity, emptiness, and it was even at work during Jesus’s crucifixion just as much as it will be at his valiant return with the resurrected Christians who died their first death.

John 12:24, Galatians 6:7