309 – Great Human Potential

What things God created us for is unimaginable. Eternity is a long time and it’s no stretch to suppose that if we don’t eventually cooperate with God to create our own galaxies that we will be doing something much more splendid. And, that still won’t even be the beginning.

Jesus’s appearance to John in his Patmos vision showed us that Jesus wasn’t only being figurative in his time on Earth; the eye is the literal lamp of the body. His eyes were like fire, his feet glowed, and his face was the brightest part of his body. The eye is the lamp in a glowing, luminescent body.

That’s what most of our future time will be like, in a glowing body just like Jesus had when John saw him on Patmos.

The more in touch we are with the future God planned for us, the more we understand our potential right now. It wouldn’t seem like it to look at what’s around us, but that’s the same with everyone as we grow up. We start as babes unable to even feed ourselves, then we grow up, able to do anything we set our minds to. Don’t think for one moment that we stop increasing our abilities once we cross over into the next lifetime. It only gets better.

Your life isn’t wasted. You’re not useless. God sees your entire future Eternity, even now. We don’t have glowing bodies yet, but this is not from any lack of potential; it’s because God is preparing the virtue in our hearts first. Before our bodies glow, our hearts will grow first.

In this potential, there is no limit to the skills we can acquire. You can do anything. Reject the limited lie that we have “a passion” in the singular sense. Once we decide that life has given us the excuse we need, we can learn almost anything that we put our minds to. Most trades and skills are not inborn talents, but abilities and knowledge learned through time. Our DNA doesn’t so much limit what things we can learn as much as it empowers us to learn many more things than we may give ourselves credit for.