316 – Law of Stewardship

Stewardship is ultimately “responsibility”. When we take personal responsibility for whatever situation we find ourselves in—not for being placed in the situation, but for the situation itself and our response to it—we gain the personal power in the moment to make a difference. No one can grow big without first being smaller. Growth at any stage is just as valid as any other stage of growth.

If you want more, do well with what you have. All you need is the situation right in front of you. Life is not a horror story, where the answer is not in the room. God made the natural and spiritual multiverse and He put an answer in every room. If you can’t find the answer, keep looking and keep calling on the Creator to illuminate the eyes of your heart to see what answer has been there all along.

You will never move past your current position until you find a solution that has “already” been there. Often times, an evil lie deceives us into thinking that an answer “already” there would be bad or insulting and our inner arrogant pride won’t allow us to accept the truth of “alreadiness”. Swallow your pride and look for the answer under your nose. If you want a bigger and better situation, do well in the situation you currently find yourself in.

Many families, businesses, and nations have gone bankrupt, whether morally, socially, or economically, all because the should-be “responsible” persons deeply believed that in order to have more and move on to the next step, they needed to obtain what they didn’t already have.

“If I only have that car, that house, that business, those tools, a nicer bicycle, a newer spaceship—if I can only get more, then I will finally be just fine.” This idea always leads to covetousness, occasionally theft, and eventually poverty. It is the driving worldview of the “conquering dictator” who believes invading other lands will finally feed his people. Nothing could be father from truth.

Everything belongs to God, even our circumstances. We merely steward our surroundings. Be a responsible steward where you are, only then will God entrust you with more.

Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 16:9-15