317 – Stop Everything and Think about Who God Is

Whatever you’re doing, whatever your situation, whatever your problem, whatever your celebration—the most relevant truth in your life is God’s character. Of course there are times when we must act and move forward urgently. But, if time permits—and it does more often than we like to recognize—putting everything on pause and thinking only and entirely about Who God is—His nature, His traits—will enhance your current situation like no other.

Whether tempted or needing inspiration for art, pausing to think about God’s character is the best thing to do.

He is the origin of inspiration—that is part of His character. His patience, wisdom, knowledge, creativity, power, love—these traits are echoed throughout all of the created order, both in the natural universe and in the spiritual realm where angels see what we can only pray about and understand through trust. When we dwell on those traits, imagine them, obsess over them, mull over them, ponder them, and daydream about things like how wisdom and patience “look” different to the angels as they actually “see” those different virtues—when we genuinely and imaginatively meditate on the nature of God’s character, those virtues begin to imprint themselves more deeply onto our own minds, strengthening the connection between His nature and our work.

God sends us into urgent situations to grow and test us. Even while you must hasten your work, to drive or write or perform or complete any other task, thinking about God’s character will empower your work. There are times when hard circumstances come our way because God wants to test us in order to help us grow. In those times, the best response hard situations includes due diligence, but it also includes meditating on God’s character as the greater priority.

If God is not your greatest priority in your situation then you will not be God’s greatest priority in dispensing strength onto your situation. The priority about knowing God’s character does not invalidate the need for normal work, but must be the higher priority while all priorities remain present.

It is a secret ingredient to success. Some use drugs, others use immorality to inspire; Christians meditate on God Himself.

Psalm 46:10