324 – Law of Spirit & Soul

The human spirit occurs at a higher plane of existence than flesh; the soul exists higher yet. Jesus’s spirit is the Holy Spirit.

The human spirit is emotion or energy. Sometimes the sixth sense is a “gut feeling” delivered from our subconscious as it evaluates past and present circumstances, only providing unexplained conclusions. Part of the subconscious consideration of our “gut feelings” include memories and subtleties, part of those subconscious considerations also include senses that we receive from our own emotions detecting other emotions in the room—from our spirits detecting other spirits in the room.

The soul and the spirit are not used interchangeably in the Bible. While the Bible refers to a human “spirit” when explaining emotions and intangible social atmospheres, a non-human “spirit” refers a consciousness without flesh, and the soul refers only ever to the eternal value, exclusive to a human. This is how the Bible uses the terms “soul” and “spirit”.

The soul is the place of our elemental choices on which our morals are constructed. While morals must come from above, we must choose whether we are willing to adopt those morals. That willingness exists at the high, otherwise unexplainable as much as inexplicable level of the human soul. While the Bible is silent on what specifically the soul is, we know that it is more eternal than the spirit because of the great value placed on the work of Jesus to even save our souls.

In all Biblical logic, some choice in our souls was the basis for selecting which names would be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and it likely contains our actual, eternal memories. The human brain—merely in the flesh—is not the actual storage of memory, but only a buffer or an “information cache”. Our brains may forget, but our souls do not. While in the flesh of this lifetime, our memories are limited to only what our brains can cache; but the soul could contain many, many more.

These realms cannot be accessed from natural science. Quantum machines may touch the soul and spirit realms, but can only affect—or damage—nature. The spirit and soul are higher—it’s the Law.

Matthew 8:16, Mark 5:25-34; 6:13, John 20:22, 2 Timothy 1:6-7, Hebrews 4:12-13, James 1:21