325 – Learn & Know Who You Are

Discover your path of work in your life by discovering who you are. Analyze your skills and passions. Don’t just look at the things that fascinate you, but seek to understand them at an elemental level. If dinner fascinates you, ask why. Is it because of the food or the people or the preparation?

There is a difference between being interested in the non-profitable “consumer” side of a thing and the profitable “production” side. God makes everyone a producer in some capacity, able to carry one’s own weight and then some. None of us are able to completely carry ourselves, but we can carry more than our own weight. In this, we help each other, carrying each other and contributing more than we take. That cooperation between humans can only happen because God Himself designed us to at a level that stretches even more fundamentally than DNA.

You will find a reliable vocation for your life by seeing where you fit into this grand scheme of human cooperation.

There is no profit in analyzing your “consumer” interests. If you pursue non-profitable interests, you will end up in debt and a burden to others. Pursue those skills that contribute and lift others, not just activities that you enjoy. Even when brainstorming new ideas, the only good ideas will contribute and carry their own weight. “Contributing” is the same thing as “prospering”.

Understand “what” you are as a human. As the Image of your Creator God, you are a prosper-making machine. You were designed to help, lift, build up, encourage, contribute, and be a benefit to all around you. When seeking to discover your strengths, constantly remember that strengths refined will help others to prosper. When you work toward “prospering others”, you effectively work within your strengths.

Once you see the prosperity programmed into yourself, the skills that help you prosper others will be easy to identify. God doesn’t make failures; people only become failures when they don’t operate in their strengths, namely helping others to prosper along with yourself. Within your skills you have much room for choice; your individual creativity can’t not be imprinted on your working prosperity. Only failed prosperity fails to be unique.