328 – Law of Worship

Worship is an offering, only receivable by God Most High, givable from every realm—spirit, soul, flesh, mind, truth—any realm imaginable. Worship must transcend every state of existence. Once cannot worship God in truth, but not in spirit. One cannot worship God in mind, but not in good deeds done through our flesh. To worship God requires worshiping Him in spirit and in truth and in deed and in mind.

Our thoughts about God and His creation are a form of worship, as our the good actions to bring justice and quality work into the physical world around us. Singing music causes vibrations and harmony in the natural realm as well as emotion in the spiritual realm. But, we can worship God in spirit through silence. The most controversial form of worship is always the spiritual realm because it does the greatest damage to the evil spiritual beings—demons and devils—who live seated in that spiritual realm. Emotions can scare those who don’t learn the self-discipline and responsible stewardship of choosing their own emotions, thus “emotion-phobic” people can often be afraid of worship in spirit. But, just as every human has a spirit, so must every human learn to worship in spirit lest one’s worship be incomplete.

When we worship God, we connect our own existence to Heaven’s, even reaching directly to God’s inmost heart. The love, joy, adoration, good will, praise for deeds well done by His loving hands, thanks, and love of loving Him are all part of the emotions of worship in spirit.

When we worship God in the realm of our deeds, His splendor enters the world affected by our deeds. Just the same, when we worship God in spirit, the spiritual realms of our lives thrive with happiness and power for the angels to work and help us. When we worship God by stating the truth and having right beliefs and a healthy, positive thought life, God’s Heaven comes into our minds and thought life, making is a bountiful place of joy.

Whatever your circumstances, worship God from the midst of them; never wait for circumstances to be what you want first. Worship God first—it’s the Law.

John 4:24, Ephesians 6:18, Colossians 3:16-17