329 – Don’t Push Wet Noodles, Especially if They Bite

Few things are as demotivating to an already motivated motivator as someone who has no motivation. Affluenza is a common cause of demotivation. The Christians at Laodikeia in the Book of Revelation had this problem. Life was so comfortable for them that they didn’t care about the things that mattered to their Savior who died for them.

But, affluenza is not the only cause of demotivation. Sometimes poverty causes despair, which is wearisome in itself. It’s hard to get out of bed after being in a hospital for a year. When someone hasn’t had work for a long time, going out the door seems tiring and, frankly, embarrassing. When you give someone a first job in a long while, that worker might turn out to be one of your best, but only after a few laps around the track. If you’re the one getting off the couch, be prepared for others to need to be prepared to be patient with you.

Some wet noodles can’t come to life, some can, but they can never be pushed.

Jesus warned against giving pearls to pigs. Pigs don’t appreciate pearls for their beauty or the work it takes to find them. So, if you give them to a pig, it might think you’re throwing stones at it and attack you in turn.

Only work with people as much as they are motivated to work with you. Never chase after people who aren’t excited about your reason for getting up in the morning. We don’t need the same reasons to get out of bed in the morning, but people who work together should at least be excited about other people’s reasons. Those who aren’t excited about other people’s good pursuits aren’t excited about other people pursuing good things. Don’t confide in them.

When someone shows no motivation, if you share your joys, worries, dangers, and victories with that person, you just might get bitten. What do you mean you had “difficulty”? Someone with affluenza will think you must have done something wrong. What do you mean you “want money”? Someone who has little money may not know that “making money” is about others. It’s better to keep your peace.