42 – Bible as the Practical Guide

The Bible is much easier to accept when we understand it as a guide. It is not a book to read once and then leave on the shelf. It must be read daily with the intention of it providing some kind of guidance in your life.

Half-hardheartedness is not among the instructions for proper, effective Bible study.

Many so-called “experts” try to discredit the Bible without examining its main strength, which is guidance for those seeking guidance. To discredit the Bible, one would need to read it daily, believe it is the paramount authority on every ethical topic, study the Bible more whenever life doesn’t make sense, obey the Bible with a whole heart, not harbor a hidden agenda of doing a half-done job of anything—including so as to “discredit” the Bible—, yet live an unsatisfactory life of seventy years. But, such are not the arguments of Bible critics. Bible critics complain about other things, not the Bible as a moral guide.

If the Bible can prove itself as your moral guide, that’s great for your life. It can then help you help others. But, don’t misunderstand what it means for the Bible to be your guide.

Memorizing chapter-verse reference does little good. Writers in the Bible refer to other parts of the Bible, not by citing chapter and verse, but by partially quoting from the passage they refer to. When Jesus said, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” he was not asking the Father a question; he was citing Psalm 22 which begins with that sentence. He referred to the entire psalm through verse 31, ending with, “they will proclaim his righteousness to people yet unborn that he has done it,” then Jesus said, “It is done,” and died.

When you use the Bible as your guide, don’t make it “Bible-ish”. Don’t come across like a Bible-thumper and don’t pepper your friends with chapters and verses. Simply understand the teaching in the Bible, rephrase it as fitting without twisting it, and share its wisdom among your family, friends, and colleagues.

When you quote the Bible, make sure no one knows you are quoting from it unless they read it themselves.

Psalm 22; 119:105