43 – Gluttony

One of the most neglected sins of the West is overeating. The Church is no exception if not worst of all!

The Bible teaches the importance of “breaking bread together”, but this does not mean stuffing ourselves until we are at risk of a heart attack. A weekly day of fasting achieves little if counteracted by idolatry of the stomach the other six days.

All the same, basics of cross-culture relations include to always eat what you are given when a guest. But, if I did that, I would never stop needing to buy larger and larger clothing sizes.

Being overweight and being a glutton are not one in the same.

My “spiritual dad” struggled with obesity his whole life. I never looked down on him, but I was glad with him when he set goals and lost most of his weight. Had he not, I would love him just the same.

We all have our own responsibilities in life. For my situation, starting out skinny and becoming overweight would indicate that I wasn’t leading my own life. But, that’s me. Everyone’s situation is different. And, I admit that I identify with the song “I Like Big Butts”; God does too.

People with excess fat could have unknown struggles. One girl made herself obese to deter her sexually-abusive father. Sometimes we have chemical pollutants in our bodies and our metabolisms decide to create excess fat to less harmfully store those poisonous chemicals. God designed some people to stay fat, but not from worshiping the feeling of a full stomach nor to “escape”. Worshiping a skinny body is equally sinful.

Don’t judge others, but seek God’s insight for your own conscience about what and when you should eat.

Don’t waste “coffee time” bantering about nothing when there is work to be done. Nonetheless, regularly take time to sup with friends. Halt other activity to focus on good company over a healthy platter. Fellowship over meal time should be uplifting and beneficial in some way, though not so “purpose-driven” that dinner feels like a staff meeting.

Do all for God’s glory and love yourself along with everyone else. Stay nourished in food and fellowship, then charge forward.

Proverbs 23:21, Acts 2:42-46, 1 Corinthians 10:16-17, Philippians 3:19