44 – God the Provider & Law Giver

As the Sustainer of Creation, God also provides for our needs. As part of providing for our needs, He gave us moral laws to live by. He gives us whatever we need—even many of our wants—all in a way designed to cooperate with our obedience to His moral laws.

Don’t divorce God’s provision of supply, food, and shelter from His instruction on how to find, enjoy, and even multiply what He provides.

Jesus’s command to love our neighbors as we also love ourselves was part of His provision.

You may need something, your neighbor has what you need, but you may never know unless you pay attention and find out what your neighbor needs.

Jesus may expect you to go to your neighbor’s house, knock on the door, explain that you are obeying the “golden rule” (no need to seem overly ‘Bible-ish’), and ask to communicate as friendly neighbors. After years of friendship, your neighbor might suddenly remember something in the cellar that is the very keystone you have been looking for to complete your work.

God’s gifts are well disguised, discoverable only by those who obey Him.

The need to survive another day isn’t that different from the need to meet a challenge. If you struggle to get through each day, perhaps you should set your eyes on a greater goal God might have for you. God not only meets our needs every day, He exceeds them every day. We just don’t always see it.

God does, indeed, provide all of our needs, including the instructions on how to receive His provision. But, when we act like we already understand more than the Creator who existed decillions of years before we were born, we might never recognize what He provides, even though it is right under our noses.

Jewel weed is a natural counter-agent for poison ivy’s oil and they usually grow within a few feet of each other. Many weeds that gardeners kill in their lawns are actually among the most nourishing vegetation on Earth. God reveals Himself through Creation, do you listen?

We can’t see what God gives us without learning how. So, our greatest need He meets is Scripture.

Genesis 22:8, Leviticus 26:46, Deuteronomy 31:26, Job 38:41, Psalm 65; 78:5-8; 145:16; 147:8-9, Matthew 4:4; 6:25-34, Luke 12:22-34, Philippians 4:19, 1 Peter 5:7