91 – Eventual Justice

God seems slow to humble our opponents so that they remember.

Every person with worthy leadership potential will have opposition. On the one hand, it makes each of us stronger. On the other hand, it teaches those opponents. Notice the ironic reversal in life: Often times, unworthy leaders end up with power, which they then lord over others like children trying to parent younger siblings. They do that because they lack an attention span for identifying folly, especially in themselves. God puts them there almost as an educational mockery.

Don’t be bothered by anything they do or say, especially what they do or say to you. It’s all part of God’s process to give them years of going on record, being wrong about not just you, but many others you’ve never encountered. They are even capable of being in those positions of supervisory authority because they are so blind to their own glaring faults. It’s almost embarrassing just to watch. Only by giving them such a gross, public embarrassment will they ever learn whatever it is they are too thick-headed to learn.

At this point in reading, if you can’t identify with the problem of unfair opponents or you think this is an overrated dilemma or an imagined problem, YOU are probably that foolish leader and you need to pray for God to expose some stuff to you quickly. This is not to shame you, but to give you help you’ve not yet received. The saying often went to pilots in Vietnam’s War with America: If you’re not taking flack, you’re not over the target. Get over the target, pronto.

The ground flack you take serves valuable purposes. In part, the enemy gives away his position by attacking. But, for your own peace of mind and happiness of heart, you need to get this seated in your soul’s understanding: God is already giving you victory over whomever you contend with. Every step along the way already is a victory for you, God’s just drawing it out to overcome their learning disability; it’s not that God’s slow, they are. Pray for them because they’ll need comfort when sprout the weed seeds God allows them to sow.