92 – God the All Powerful

God is all-powerful. The theological term for this is “omnipotent”. Nothing is stronger than Him. Not even your rage or anger can dent Him. No insult can provoke His heart snap out of impatience.

Not only does God have more strength than then entire universe, He has infinite emotional self-control. Even the universe itself is no fair measure of His strength; all the galaxies combined are nothing compared to His brute strength. He could whisk them away in an instant. And, that means that whatever obstacle course you face, He can help you through. He is gentle.

His strength is not moderate or intermediate, where He struggles not to crush small things. From His great strength, He can be infinitely tender and gentle. God is the epitome of the Gentle Giant—a virtue that also originated in His imagination.

If you struggle with gentleness, ponder God’s nature. In kung fu training, we learn that we don’t need to try so hard when we have enough strength for the task. Pushing and pushing, forcing and prying—these are for people who lack strength. God does not do these things. He does not pound or smack. God is the Great Thug who never needs to pick a fight. When He walks in the room, everyone behaves themselves.

God also reveals the nature of His omnipotence in the thug at the pub, except God is much gentler and much stronger. His power is not only in brute force, but also electrical. The sun keeps its strength because of Him. Lightning continuously arcs from His Throne. For God, electrical and brute power are one in the same. Just as much is true for His political and social power. Jesus demonstrated remarkable “people power” in his arguments with the Pharisees. Even then, He does not use His power for everything. At times, He uses His Spirit to guide and lead us.

Jesus told his disciples that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon them after they would wait. God’s power makes its way into our lives when we wait on Him. We cannot muster enough of anything to even compare with the infinite power from God Almighty.