137 – Fiefdom Dictators & Controlling Spirits

Beware of the strange desire to control, merely for the sake of control. Another “thing” that can get situated onto people is the “controlling spirit”. It might show up as megalomania or meaningless manipulation or creating chaos just for the sake of attention. When people have this controlling “thing” on them, they would be satisfied to have a small corner in the room to control, torture, manipulate, get a reaction out of, get attention from, get a “quarrel fix” with, and entertain themselves with absolute dictatorial powers, merely for the pleasure of the experience.

It tends to gravitate toward leaders of groups that recruit numbers, religious or otherwise, because controlling spirits want to have something to control. Any sensible slight to its pride will set that controlling spirit off its rocker, prove to the host that the problem is real, and, if that host keeps cooperating with it, the host might socially and professionally self-destruct.

Remember, someone with a controlling spirit doesn’t actually hunger for this control. Like a parasite that gives unnatural hunger, the spirit “thing” rests on its host, creating the appetite to act so strangely. Of course, the person must cooperate and welcome the controlling spirit. Simple resistance would make the spirit shrink, lose its size and thus its power, and eventually leave. But, too many people won’t give up that resistance because they somewhat enjoy the feelings the get from carrying a controlling spirit on their backs.

In East Asia it’s such a common problem that Western expats and Asian bloggers write about it. The boss holds numerous meetings merely to “feel like a boss”, makes his office inaccessible, and the solution to “problems” is the same solution to “suggestions”: The boss is the god, everyone else is a cockroach created only to preserve the boss’s godhood. If it’s hard to imagine, ask someone from Asia. But, it is a living, real caricature of the controlling spirit.

If that’s you, quitting your position might make the spirit go away. That actually happens.

If you struggle with a “controlling” person, use these strengths: Be among the hardest working, remain super-calm when the bear gets provoked, and expect insanity because spirits don’t reason.